Is there a perfect temperature to keep your home at during the summer? The days that are hot and muggy outside? The ones that make you want to devour a snow cone, stay in the shade and jump into cold water?

There is a perfect temperature (according to the experts, more on that in a moment) for the summer and for the winter. Wait, I should say that the experts have a suggested best temperature to keep your home at in the summer, and also in the winter.

What is the perfect temperature for your New York home during the hot summer days?

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The ideal temp that gives you relief, coolness and helps you sleep is slightly different for one person to another. Please know that the temperature that the experts suggest and your personal temperature could be different. Here is the official suggested temperature to keep cool during a New York summer is 78 degrees. Keep reading for the temperature that everyone really keeps there home at in the summer.

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Is there a perfect temperature for the summer and the winter in New York State?

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The temperature that everyone actually keeps their home at in the winter is 70, for some it is 72. The temperature that people actually keep it in summer is 68, with the potential to keep it at 70. The experts say to keep your energy bill low and your home allegedly comfortable it is suggested that you keep the thermostat at 78. 78! Yikes. What do you keep the thermostat at? Personally, in the summer my house is at 74, and in the winter I keep the house at 64.

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