It is a war as old as the first air conditioning unit, do you use a fan or the AC. The temperatures rose suddenly this week in the Hudson Valley which had a lot of us scrambling to say cool. So in your house is it AC or the old fashion fan? While we ponder this thought check out this frozen Mojito Slushie recipe to keep you cool. Jess would say add Bayou Rum.

There are benefits to both AC and the traditional fan. I know a lot of people who use AC units with ceiling fans but I have to admit I am a window fan chick all the way. AC is nice if you like to soak up the humidity, but let's face it you have to leave the building at some point and the humidity will be waiting. So I believe you sweat it out and keep the air moving with a fan. Ceil or window they both serve a purpose.

I also understand for people with sever respiratory conditions an AC unit is  a must but make sure you keep them serviced and clean. AC units can retain mold and mildew if they aren't cleaned and maintained it will defeat the purpose of the unit helping the person with health issue.

I have a few weird breathing issues of my own but lucky it isn't anything fresh clean air can't cure. I am a big fan of when the fresh night air finally cools after a good thunder storm and you can bring the cool air it into the house thru the open windows running a window fan. This weeks weather caught me off guard so the window fans are still tucked in storage but you bet I will be looking for them soon. So here's to sitting in front of a fan this summer waiting on a good storm.

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