Have you heard of HEAP? Home Energy Assistance Program and it is available to persons in New York State, based on need and income. Did you think that it is only something that you can take advantage of during the winter months when you are trying to heat your home?

Nope, HEAP is also available to help cool your home during the summer months. Keep reading, there is information on who might be able to file for it and what you will need to do to apply.

When can you apply for Summer HEAP in New York State for 2023?

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The summer HEAP application period opens up on May 1, 2023. What will you need to do to apply? According to the New York State HEAP website, you will need to have:

  • Proof of residency, you must be a US citizen.
  • Recent pay stubs for all household members
  • Photo ID/Identification for each household member
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If you qualify, what does Summer HEAP pay for?

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If you qualify, Summer HEAP will you pay for (and install) an air conditioner or fan in your home. You are limited to either the air conditioner or the fan, not both, with a limit of up to $800.

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This Summer HEAP is a one-time benefit, and is a first-come, first-served application. Do yourself a favor and if you even think that you might qualify, apply for it. Get ahead of the heat.

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