What do you think is the best product catch phrase ever?

If you think about, when we were kids we had some of the best catch phrases ever. I don't think company's come anywhere close to the old ones like the mustard Grey Poupon "Pardon me, But Do You Have any Grey Poupon?”, and probably one of the biggest ones ever "Where's the beef?" for the fast food restaurant Wendy's.

We got talking about some our favorites on the show this morning. Jess gave us one of Budweiser's best, the WHAAAAAZZZZZZUPPPPPP commercials from a while ago. You probably know someone who still says that every once in a while, yes I do it...LOL.

One of my favorites was the Frosted Flakes cereal commercial with Tony the Tiger telling us “They’re G-r-r-r-eat!” and one that is still on TV today, the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” commercial for Life Alert.

What is your favorite catch phrase from when you were a kid? Let us know on Facebook or give the show a call at 845-473-9431.

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