Yes, we know. Bears aren't uncommon in New York. But it still exciting and a little nerve-racking when we see them.

Recently, there have been a handful of bear sightings throughout the Hudson Valley. It seems like this year there have been way more than in years past. But as long as we leave the bears alone we'll be fine.

Most of the time when it comes to keeping bears away while camping, we're told to keep all of our food safely stored in the car thinking that the bears can't possibly get inside.

Well...a couple of bears showed us all that they're on to us. In a video from Old Forge New York, shared by ABC News, it shows a mama bear and her cubs actually breaking into an SUV.

She opens the door with her mouth.

Once again we remind you that if you're in a wooded area and have food around, lock it up safely in your car. Usually bears will stay away from humans, but always take the proper precautions.

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