3 bears have been spotted in the Hudson Valley this May.

You're going to want to stay far away from these bears. A momma bear and her two cubs were spotted on Wednesday, May 23, in Cornwall. Laurie Taylor spotted these bears and thankfully had a camera close by.

If you see a bear, especially cubs, don't go near it. Since hibernation is over, you should be on the lookout for bears crossing roads as they try to find food. To avoid having bears in your yard you should follow these tips, as previously reported by us and the DEC:

  • Take down bird feeders. The birds don’t need them during the spring and summer when natural foods are most abundant
  • Clean off barbeque grills before nightfall
  • Store garbage in a secure building or location
  • Don't add meat scraps, bones or melon rinds to your compost pile
  • Feed pets indoors and store pet food indoors

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