One Hudson Valley first responder was at the right place at the right time.

Earlier this month Sergeant Conti of the City of Beacon Police Department was off duty and driving to work when he saw an altercation between 2 dogs. A larger dog was seen attacking a smaller dog on Verplank Avenue in Beacon and thankfully Sgt. Conti was there in time to stop it and save the smaller dog named Marcus.

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The City of Beacon Police Department writes:

On July 11, Sgt. Conti was off duty and driving to work on Verplanck Ave. when he saw Marcus get attacked by a larger dog. Though off-duty, Sgt. Conti acted quickly, jumped into the attack, and managed to restrain the other dog until it released Marcus

Unfortunately, Marcus was injured during the altercation. The police department explains that Marcus suffered a "life-threatening puncture wound to his abdomen that required a 4-hour surgery."

The larger dog, who was also brought under control, suffered minor cuts.

The City of Beacon Police Department writes that Sgt. Conti's action most likely saved little Marcus' life. Thankfully, Marcus has recovered nicely and stopped by the station to say hi and snap a photo with Sgt. Conti.

This isn't the first time a New York State Police officer saved the life of a pup.  A New York State Trooper saved the life of a senior dog in Broome County towards the end of June. The 13-year-old dog was stuck deep underground in a pipe for several days.

Trooper "Jimmy” Rasaphone jumped down into the pipe and retrieved Lilah the dog and brought her back to safety.

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