Have you filled up at a Hudson Valley gas station recently and discovered that your car started acting funny after buying the gas?

One of life's biggest pains is having to fill up your car or truck with gas, right? We've talked many times about how much it hurts our wallets every time we have to stop at our local gas station and fill up our vehicles.

Yes, gas prices are ridiculous, which is why I think many of us will go out of our way to try and find the cheapest gas we can before we stop and fill up but are you gambling with your car or truck if you fill up with the cheap stuff?


A few Hudson Valley drivers have shared on Facebook and other social media platforms that they did gamble and lost after they allegedly filled up their cars at a gas station on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls, New York.

Bad Gas at Wappingers Falls Gas Station?

Please note this is a developing story

After hearing and reading on Facebook about some of the alleged issues that drivers said they experienced with their vehicles after pumping gas at the Citgo gas station on the corner of Route 9 and Old Hopewell Rd in Wappingers Falls we spoke to a couple of them so they could share their experience.

One driver, Ebonee Nash posted her issues on Facebook saying that after she got gas at the station back in early November she noticed that her car began to run extremely "rough" and "loud". She went on to say that her check engine light came on shortly after and she experienced difficulty starting her car, and she began experiencing stalling, and acceleration issues.

We spoke to Nash who told us when the situation unfolded she did contact the owners of the gas station to report the issues and was told to contact the sole proprietor SNK Petroleum.

Nash told us that she spoke to SNK and they agreed to have her car looked at by their mechanic in Cold Spring, NY. After the mechanic looked at the car Nash said that SNK did repair her car after she agreed to sign an affidavit and 1-year warranty for any gas-related issues.

Just a few weeks after repairing her car Nash told us that she still doesn't feel like her is car running the way it did before buying the alleged bad gas saying, "When I picked up my car from the mechanic, they swore they fixed my issue, but I beg to differ."


Water in the Gas?

We contacted SNK Petroleum which operates over 100 stations in New York to see if they are aware of the alleged issue with their gas and talked with their legal counsel James Lee, who told us that they are aware of the alleged issue and did say that they have tried to address any and all issues with the alleged problem.

Lee said that SNK did compensate a car owner for something saying "We as a company did compensate a car owner, not because we sell bad gas but because we believe in good customer service." He also said, "Paying for something is by no means an admission of guilt."

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Lee said that as soon as they were told there might be an issue with their gas, which is serviced by a 3rd party, the Dutchess County Consumer Affairs and Weights & Measures came to the gas station to take a sample of the gas and was told that they would be contacted if there was an issue with the gas.

"We haven't heard anything back," Lee said, implying that the gas was fine.


SNK did say that they have been targeted in the past by competitors who have allegedly spread false information before about their gas stations and think that they are behind some of the other "bad gas" stories that are on social media.

Have you received "bad gas" at any Hudson Valley gas stations? If so let me know your story by emailing me at CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM. I might use your information for an upcoming article.

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