As a frequent visitor of bars and a part time bartender, I broke out into a cold sweat when I came across this list.

Thrillist released a list of Bar Etiquette rules to follow when you're out having a few drinks with your friends.

Enjoying Drinks After work
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The bar scene in the Hudson Valley is popping right now, with new wineries, breweries and even some new dive bars. While most bars have their own vibes, when it comes to the way you treat your bartenders, the mess you make and the music you play there are definitely some rules to follow.

Obviously things like reaching behind the bar, hitting on your bartenders when they're clearly not interested  and waving money at your bartender make the list. But there are some that you might want to think about.

Out of the list of 17 a few stick out to me:

  • Have your full order ready at a crowded bar 
  • When playing the jukebox, play to the crowd

  • Stay clear of the service area

  • Don't complain to the bartender about drink prices

Here's how they break down:

If you're at a crowded bar and in your turn to order for you an your friends. Know what everyone wants before hand. Turning around or screaming across the bar is just annoying. Be prepared.

Music is super important in the bar and if it's a jukebox, you better make sure the crowd loves it. Whatever you do, don't mess with the jukebox after a breakup.

The service area is where the servers come to bring drinks to tables or other bar patrons. Don't get in their way, you'll most likely be ignored.

Drink prices vary from bar to bar, which stinks. But at the end of the day, it isn't the bartenders call, prices come from upper management.

Keep these rules in mind this weekend when hitting up your favorite Hudson Valley bar.


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