A week or so back we told you about how Halloween is taking the ugly sweater thing to a new level. How people are having Ugly Halloween Sweater parties instead of costume parties. Now it seems that people have taken to carving Pineapples instead of the traditional Halloween pumpkin.

Pumpkins vs Pineapples could this really be a thing? I have never heard of carving a pineapple for Halloween and I lived in Hawaii. Maybe in the 1980's it wasn't a thing but it is now and not just in Hawaii. I have to think carving a pineapple into a jack-o-lantern could be fun but really messy.

These dried up specimens pictured below are quite creepy.

halloween pineapples
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ThinkStock

I imagine that the smell of a pine-o-lantern is pleasant. I also imagine for folks who live where pumpkins are few and pineapples are many that the use of a pineapple is much more practical on the wallet. But could it really be Halloween without a Pumpkin? And incase you are wondering there are other types of Jack-o-lanterns that people have made to replace the pumpkin and they include the orange, a squash, an orange pepper and even a potato. It seems if you can cut it, core it, clean it, carve a face on it and then light it up, it can become a jack-o-lantern. So in the immortal words of Winfred Sanford .... Just run amuck.

If you are not familiar with cutting up a Pineapple, carving it as a Halloween Jack-o-lantern might be a bit intimidating so check out the video below for some ideas.


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