Spring has arrived which means their are plenty of birds and bees buzzing around the Hudson Valley. In recent years we have heard a lot about bees and how important they are to the health of our environment. Now there is a program in the Hudson Valley where you can adopt a honey bee.

The Hudson Valley has a few beekeepers and honey makers, there is even a Facebook page called Hudson Valley Natural Beekeepers. What I didn't know until recently is that I actually know someone in the business of bees. HiveLand NY in Highland New York is the family business of a friend of mine, Chris White.

I knew that Chris and his family were caring for bees but I didn't realize that they had actually opened a business. It wasn't until I discovered their Adopt a Bee program on Facebook that I realized the HiveLand NY was an up and running Apiary making bee products and delicious honey. Plus they are offering programs where us non beekeepers can get in on the fun.

Honey bees are very important to the Hudson Valley. In an online article Sustain explains the importance of the honey bee in great detail. To boil it down to one simple fact honey bees are necessary because they are the pollinators that our farms count on for healthy crops.

If you head out in to a Hudson Valley orchard while the blooms are on the trees you will hear the bees buzzing in the buds. I have a weeping cherry tree in my yard that practically vibrates from all the activity. This is honey bees hard at work. With out their buzzing from tree to tree dropping off pollen from bloom to bloom we wouldn't have the amazing fruits and vegetables we enjoy in the Hudson Valley each year.


Hudson Valley Honey Bees at Work

Local honey is one of the many delicious local products we enjoy in the Hudson Valley. We are lucky to have a healthy honey bee population and people like the folks at HiveLand NY in Highland New York keeping them that way. Checkout some of the tools used to make and harvest honey. Plus we have some of the other products bees wax helps to make for us.

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