I say middle of nowhere in the nicest way possible.

Last week I took some time off and headed down south. Holden Beach, North Carolina to be exact. I spent a lot, maybe too much, time at the beach (the sunburn is still healing, thanks for asking) and on the water.

At one point my friend rented a pontoon boat and took us for a ride up the intercoastal. It was a gorgeous day out on the water. The sun was shining, the dolphins were jumping and the music was blasting. Basically, everything you need for a perfect boat day.

Hudson Valley in Southport, North Carolina?

We took the pontoon from Holden Beach to Southport, North Carolina. I'd never been before, but my friends told me it was a small town with a great restaurant/bar right near the marina. So once we hopped off the boat, we headed over to Fishy Fishy.

Naturally, we were hit with a 20-minute wait time. While I was waiting I was checking out all the brights signs and sights on the water when one sign caught my eye. Am I seeing this right? Beacon and Fishkill on a sign in the middle of nowhere North Carolina?


According to Wikipedia, in the 2018 census, there were 3,828 people living in the town of Southport, North Carolina. A very small town indeed. But they get between 40,000-50,000 visitors a year!

Could that be where the Fishkill and Beacon inspiration came from? Possibly.

Why Are Beacon and Fishkill Name Dropped at Fishy Fishy Cafe?

Why in the world are Beacon and Fishkill shouted out at this small-town restaurant? Well, it looks like Fishy Fishy experienced a ton of damage during a hurricane back in 2022. Unfortunately, some of the signage seems to be destroyed including a sign that previously said Beacon.

Fishy Fishy Cafe, Facebook
Fishy Fishy Cafe, Facebook


In February of this year, they held a hometown sign contest and asked visitors to share their hometown names in hopes that they would be added to their long list of town name signs.

Beacon and Fishkill must have been mentioned in the past because they received 2 new designs. How cool is that though?!

Have you ever seen a Hudson Valley mention or met someone from your hometown?

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