A once-popular late-night hot spot is currently on fire.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, April 12th, 2022,  the City of Newburgh Firefighters IAFF Local 589 shared on social media that Gully's was on fire. 

We've reached out to local Newburgh Fire Department officials who tell us the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

If you asked anyone 10 years ago where to go out for a unique night out on the water in Orange County, they'd tell you Gully's. The restaurant, bar, and barge docked at the Newburgh Waterfront at 2 Washington Street was known for its happy hour menu and excellent live music from musicians across the Hudson Valley.

Gully's first opened back in the 80s by Ralph Rizzio and was run by Gail Guimares. The boat switched hands in 2015. They hosted events like Tropical Tuesdays, Rock The Boat Thirsty Thursdays, and had a speakeasy where you could enjoy delicious cocktails.  Sadly, back in 2015, the deck was cleared and Gully's closed for good.

In 2018, video emerged of Gully's looking more like a shipwreck than a former Hudson Valley Bar, it also seemed as if the former barge bar was actually sinking. Take a look at the video below (but be careful of NSFW language):

We don't think there's any hidden treasure on that boat, only treasured memories of Hudson Valley's nightlife past.

Do you have memories of partying until the sun came up at Gully's? We would love to hear your stories, share them with us through the station's mobile app or in our comment section on Facebook.

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