Have you ever heard of sled legs?

I have always been a huge fan of sledding in the winter. I remember growing up in Windham and anytime we would get fresh snow me and my friends would all grab our flexible flyers and hit the biggest hill in town.

There is nothing better than flying down a mountain as fast as you can go with the possibility of you not being able to stop.

We had all kinds of different sleds, from the classic flyer, toboggans to the metal saucers, like the one that Clark lubed up in the movie Christmas Vacation.

I have just discovered a must have for this winter, and with the fresh snow we are getting today, these things could be a ton of fun.

They are called "Sled Legs" and look like they would be awesome to have. They are basically a sled for each leg. After you put them on each leg, all you do is start running, get down on your knees and away you go. Take a look.

If you're interested in these bad boys, you can check them out on Facebook.

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