437 acres just outside of Poughkeepsie is being transformed into a multi-purpose complex.

CSA reports that a 437-acre plot of land that overlooks Poughkeepsie and the Hudson River in Ulster County is being developed to bring offices, retail, residences, and jobs to the Hudson Valley. Andrew Maxon, the president, and CEO of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation is overseeing the project.

The land was given to Maxon eight years ago. He has spent the last eight years going through environmental regulations to place a massive development like this in a natural setting. Previously, the site was a vineyard with a working winery. They're currently taking bids to bring water to the project. Once water is brought to the site, construction will begin on the southern portion, which will have industrial applications. CSA reports a film company is interested in the first phase.

CSA reports that Maxon has approval for 158,000 square feet of commercial space, with 115,000 of it intended for retail. The centerpiece of this development will be a 140-room suite hotel, conference center, spa, restaurant, and Tuscany Village that will be for local vendors. The plans also call for two wedding chapels and a conference center for receptions.

CSA does not report when the project is anticipated to be completed.

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