Have you ever used duct tape to fix, or repair something? Maybe you used it to hold something up or to hold something together? Whatever you used it for we want to hear about it!

Earlier this week I was DJing at Billy Joe's Line Dancing night in Newburgh, New York when I noticed a guy sitting off to the side of the dance floor having an issue with his boot. He was sitting there holding his boot after it apparently exploded while he was dancing. I watched as he sat there for a few minutes with the look of defeat on his face. Until...another guy came up to him with a big roll of duct tape and proceeded to duct tape the guy's boot back together.

Things you can fix with duct tape.

Redneck Ingenuity is Alive in the Hudson Valley

I'm not sure if the guys knew each other or not but have to say I love the fact that fellow Hudson Valley residents never leave home without a roll of duct tape because, as you can see, you never know when you'll need to fix or repair something. Have you ever used duct tape to fix or repair something that you never thought would use it for? Maybe you used it to hold something together or to hold something up?

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We asked those questions on social media and are happy to report that the Hudson Valley has used duct tape in some really creative and useful ways in their travels. Take a look at the 9 interesting things the Hudson Valley has fixed with duct tape...

9 Interesting Things the Hudson Valley Has Fixed with Duct Tape

Nine things that Hudson Valley admits to fixing with duct tape.

Gallery Credit: CJ/Canva

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