We don't want to see you lose anything to the cold.

The temperatures have been below freezing for a few weeks now and it looks like we are going to be freezing for a bit longer and to make sure you don't lose anything to the cold, I came across a list of some things you don't want to leave in your car when it's this cold out.

Here are 4 things that you should never leave in the car when temperatures get below freezing, according to USA Today,

1. Your cell phone. Why? They say if your phone gets too cold it can cause the phone to shut off or, worse, mess up the battery and when it's this cold the screen may crack more easily.

2. Soda or beer, because they're mostly water, which expands when it freezes. So if they freeze they can explode and get all over you and your car.

3. Medication, because certain drugs can lose their effectiveness if they get too cold. Drugs like insulin can lose their effectiveness if they freeze.

4. A low gas tank. Car experts say that keeping your tank more than half full helps prevent fuel lines from freezing and while we talk about your car it's also a good idea to check other fluids such as antifreeze.

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