This Saturday is National Cat Herders Day. Every year on December 15th thanks to Thomas and Ruth Roy of we get to stop down a recognize when our lives and / or jobs have us herding cats. If you are not familiar with the term it doesn't actually mean you herd cats. However, if you have ever tried to wrangle a group of cats you will understand how this term can often be used to accurating describe what a lot of us go through on a daily basis especially during the Holiday season.

3 Signs you maybe a Cat Herder

1 - There is always something you ran out of time to do.

2 - Your to do list never ends.

3 - The word that best describes your environment is "chaos"

The term "herding cats" refers to the idea that you are trying to keep a lot of things in order but little things keep slipping through the cracks or in the case of herding cats, wandering off in opposite directions. Much like in the video below tasks on our desks or just stuff we are trying to do for the holidays can seem like we just can't get them all in one place.

So this Saturday take a moment relax and realize you can't herd cats or kitten. And that trying to may just cause even more frustration. Take a well deserved break from the chaos and feel free to share how your day / week / month has been similar to herding cats remember to use #CatHerdersDay when you post it to social media. Life and work can get crazy let's recognize that we are all Cat Herders at some point and have some fun with it this Saturday.

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