There is a lot of pressure sometime when it comes to picking out a Halloween costume. I have fortunately reached a place in my life where I no longer go searching for an outfit. Truth be told about 20 years ago I decide to stick to the witch costume year after year and it has really taken the stress out of finding the right costume for Halloween.

I realize that a lot of you are still out there hoping to win Halloween contests at your favorite bar or restaurant so the costume is still important. I also realize that you may have child or grandchildren counting on you to come up with something clever to wear while your escort them to their various Halloween activities. Therefore you are going to need a costume.

Obviously, if you don't have the annual "go to outfit" like me, there are some places you can go to to get a great costume. I use to like going to the theatre prop stores to rent but those are few and far between now a days so Spirit Halloween is probably your best bet.

If you still come up short let me share with you 3 quick easy costumes I made in the past. They may not win you any contests but they will definitely pass as a costume.

screen printer loaded with shirts

Costume #1 - the T-shirt Costume

Go to a local mall, I found mine at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Look for a t-shirt shop that makes t-shirts on the spot. Chances are you will find something you can print on a shirt that will make a costume. One year I went as Snap Chat. Not the scariest costume but it was part of a group costume and it worked. Plus the Snap Chat ghost fits the holiday.


Costume #2 - Death the Grimm Reaper

When you dress as Death or the Grim Reaper all you really need is a cloak with a hood. Cloaks can be hard to find but easy to make. In 1982 I needed a costume in college so I simply grabbed a bed sheet stapled a pillow case to the top and ta da I was dressed at the Grim Reaper. Throw on some white face make-up and black nail polish and you actually have a pretty cool outfit.

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Costume #3 Bag of Jelly Beans

The year was 1981. I was on a serious budget and had a college Halloween party to go to and needed a costume. I found white leggings and a white body suit. Then I cut 2 holes in the bottom of a giant clear garbage bag. I filled it with colored balloons then put on the bag tied it at the top with a giant ribbon and went as a bag of jelly beans. Not a great costume for kids. And a little crazy to get in and out of all night to use the restroom, but I still think it was one of my best homemade costume ideas to date.

Retro Halloween looking back 100 years

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