We live in the North East so January can be a bit of a snooze fest. The holidays are over, we have some good ski places but the reality is most of us sit around wishing we had planned a trip south. So what is there to peak our interest when it seems everything is either about an impending snow storm or how to improve our "fill in the blank".

This got me surfing the web for fun stuff that could clutter the mind until spring. I am a strong believer in "if you are bored do something". So off I went to YouTube one of my guilty pleasures and what did I find for us this week? I think it is a true gem. Something to keep us chatting at the water cool until we dare go outside without a coat. 10 Immortal Humans. Check it out thanks to The Richest. (BTW - this guy shown below is not in the video).

I am not sure who is my favorite but I am pretty impressed by the lady who holds the record for falling the most floors in an elevator and living to tell about it.

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