It's a perfect day to share such positive news.


Today happens to be Nation Kick Butts Day. The organization, according to their mission statement, is meant to empower youth to stand up to big tobacco companies. There are over events scheduled all across the United States in schools and communities. With that being said, on March 13th Governor Cuomo announced a record low in youth smoking rates in New York State.

The high school teen smoking rate, when it comes to tobacco products, was at it's lowest for 2016 coming in at 4.3% which is down from 27.1% in 2000. However, while the smoking rate has dropped with cigarettes, a survey from the New York State Department of Health found that e-cigarette use has doubled in the last two years. Governor Cuomo stated in a press release "These startling numbers demonstrate both the overwhelming success of New York's anti-smoking programs – which have led to record ‎low teen cigarette use – and the need to close dangerous loopholes that leave e-cigarettes unregulated."

For 2018 Cuomo plans to regulate e-cigarettes much like regular tobacco products to address health concerns and would also include e-cigarettes in the indoor air law which would prohibit e-cigarettes in buildings, restaurants and bars. 


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