What would you do if you received an accidental invitation to a party from someone you don't even know? Would you think about going? And if you did would you travel 2300 miles to get there? And start a Go Fund Me page to pay for it? That is exactly what Seattle resident Joey DiJulio did when he accidentally received an email to Philadelphia resident Jeff Minetti's Bachelor Party.

It all began when Jeff was sending out email invites and had one of his friends email addresses wrong, something I am sure we have all experienced. When Joey received the email to the party it sounded like so much fun he decided to play along. I have received an accidental email or two but they were never for a fun out of town party. They always seemed to be about work or an over due bill.

So would you go? Watch the CBS story below and you decide. I think it was a fluke that turned into an opportunity. And now two guys who never knew each other have made a new friend and hopefully will get to celebrate other cool stuff together for a long time. They could even be doople gangers or long lost brothers they look and act so much alike. I am curious though, CBS never mentions if Jim, the original invitee ever got invited. I wonder if he ever got an email? LOL.

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