Do you remember yours?

If you missed it on the CJ in the morning show today we got talking about our first cars. The first car that was actually yours. Was yours a beat up car or were you lucky enough to get something fairly new?

The first car I bought was a 1978 Cutlass Supreme. It was like driving a 747 airplane. This thing was like the size of two cars today and got like 10 miles per gallon of gas, which is why I could never afford to put the car legally on the road. I couldn't afford the insurance.

When I finally saved up enough money to insure a car, it was an old Datsun station wagon. I don't even remember what year this thing was, it was OLD and beat up.

I remember that we used duct tape to keep the front fenders on and if you were going to drive it for more than 15 minutes you had to put the heat on and leave it on while you drove so the car wouldn't over heat. It was great driving around in the summer with the heat on. I also remember that the car always smelled like anti freeze.

Do you remember anything funny about your first car? Let us know in the comment section below and be listening for your comments on air.

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