Well bah humbug, Dunkin!

Dunkin' Donuts To Challenge Starbucks For Coffee Supremacy
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This time of year some of our favorite establishments are introducing their holiday flavors. Much like the pumpkin spice latte for fall, Dunkin and Starbucks really take us to flavor town with their holiday themed drinks.

However, one popular holiday drink will be missing from the menu this year.

While you're looking over the menu list and checking it twice, you'll come to realize that Dunkin has eliminated the Peppermint Mocha flavor this year, according to Boston.Com.

After the news started to swirl that Dunkins Peppermint Mocha was no more, Dunkin confirmed in a tweet that the flavor would not be coming back. An anonymous Twitter told Boston.Com that they we're notified several weeks ago that the flavor wouldn't be returning, with no reason why. The source said "It’s up to corporate really what we carry every season for fancy donuts and swirls.”

The classic Peppermint Mocha flavor was introduced to Dunkin locations back in 2004.

If you're really craving a Peppermint Mocha drink, Starbucks is still offering their version of the holiday treat.



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