On Friday we will turn our attention to the Groundhog hoping to get an answer to the pressing question which is "How much more winter will we have to tolerate?" No matter what happens Friday with Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania or Quentin the Quahog in Nantucket we here in the Hudson Valley can look for our own signs that spring is on it's way. Turns out there are other signs that winter is closing out in the Hudson Valley if you just look around.

Girl (3-4) with hands in pockets walking outdoors
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Check your calendar. Now that January is over your can flip the page and you are instantly that much closer to March 21st the official first day of spring.

Check your shoes. If your winter boots have a lot of mud on them instead of snow chances are we are looking at spring being right around the corner.

Check your refrigerator. If you are in need of new condiments because everything on your frig door is stuff you bought in 2017 and has now expired spring can't be far off. Get that new bottle of BBQ sauce and get ready to light up the grill.

Check your vehicle. If the windshield wiper fluid in low and the amount of dirt on the floor mats could be used to make a substantial sand castle, spring has to be on it's way.


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