This week we are getting a little taste of Spring. The warm weather we are experiencing this week may not last but it is a reminder that warmer weather is on the way. When the warmer temperatures officially arrive to stay you are going to want to be ready with the items you need to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather.

At the moment you most likely have your car full of things you might need for a winter drive. Extra warm clothes, a pair of winter boots, an ice scraper and possibly a box of snacks you stored away last December. All of those things are great but they are so February. It is time to rotate out the winter stash for the spring time tackle.

A few items might stay behind like the snacks and the blanket but you should probably at least check that your snack are still editable. You also might want to give the blanket a go airing out.

Storing items in a car or truck is not a new concept. I can remember my grandpa each time the seasons changed  opening up the truck of his 1965 Chrysler Imperial and swapping out all kinds of stuff. He always had boxes of things in the car that would come and go based on the season. My favorite was the box of tire chains. I don't think I ever saw him use them but they were in the car every winter.

Here is to hoping that warm weather is right around the corner and we can start getting out again post pandemic. Plan like it will happen and let's hope we get there soon.

9 Things to have in Your Car for Spring

Winter is over. It is time to replace all that winter weather gear stashed in your car with things you are going to want to have handy now the the weather is warmer.

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