So it happened this week. The most terrify dinosaur of all was reduced to a mere walking menace at best. Let me clarify. It was reported this week on CBS This Morning that The Tyrannosaurus Rex who actually has the word "ran" in it's name actually couldn't run. This super scary carnivore apparently was to big to do more that walk after it's prey. So much for the jeep scene from the movie Jurassic Park.

I have often joked that I am built like a T-Rex and I can't really run either so this revelation doesn't come as shock to me at all. When you have a big body and little arms there are many physical challenges that come along with that build. Add a large mid section to those other features and I would say running is probably out of the question. According to the report on CBS they have determined that the T-Rex's bone structure would have held up if it did more than walk.

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