Getting back to basics is so important sometimes especially when you are a bit burnt out. After this long hot, humid, wet summer in the Hudson Valley I think a lot of us are not just burnt out but also a bit soggy. So why not take this time to dry out and cool off. And why not start that process with some time off the grid.

This morning I was watching what you all know to be my favorite morning news show CBS This Morning and they did a segment on the pencil and what a new pack of sharpen pencils use to mean to us this time of year.

I don't actually have anyone in my world heading back to school but I know a lot of you do. Think back to what you used to enjoy putting in your backpack for the first day of school. Even if is seems like your kids won't need it why not share the nostalgia. Things that come to mind for me along with pencils are those fun oversized specialty erasers we always stuck on the end of a pencil that drove the Nuns nuts at my Catholic school. Or how about making book covers from paper bags. My Mom always said they were better than the fancy ones from the school supply self at the store because we could do our own cover art with, yes you guessed it, colored pencils.

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