Over the last few weeks while you have been listening to 943 / 973 The Wolf you may recall hearing a great new song that puts a skip in your step and probably has you slapping a thigh. The song is called "Make You Mine" and it is the new hit single for the Canadian brothers that call themselves High Valley.

The brothers told CBS This Morning in an interview that they have been in Nashville since 2007 but they hadn't had success until they stop trying to play the style of music everyone else was playing and returned to the sound they grew up on in Alberta on the family farm. Growing up in a secluded part of Canada in a Mennonite community resulted in Brad and Chris Rempel having limited exposure to the outside world. As children they had no TV or radio so the move to Nashville was the brothers awakening to a lot of different music and things about life that they had never experienced until they moved to Tennessee.

I had already fallen in love with High Valley's song but after seeing this interview I am now a big High Valley fan. Currently they are on tour in Europe but I have my fingers crossed they are headed to the Hudson Valley sometimes in 2017.

Interview on CBS This Morning


High Valley's Video for "Make You Mine"

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