We are officially experiencing a heat wave here in the Hudson Valley. As we all know July and August can be brutal with heat and humidity. Hopefully you are finding a cool shady place to spend your days while we wait for the 90 degree days to pass. All this oppressive weather got me thinking about a phrase we hear over and over again during this type of summer climate, "Stay Hydrated". So what does that mean? How do we stay hydrated? And what can we drink besides water?

I found an article called "Hydration 101: More Than Just Water" that had some helpful tips. It was published by the Coca Cola Company Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness and basically explains that we need to replenish the water in our body every day and that on hot days it is extremely important. All kinds of things can happen to our minds and bodies without proper hydration. So is it just water we should drink? According to their findings, the answer is "No".

They did a studying to monitor hydration and discovered that drinking water along with juice and other beverages like coffee and soft drinks has no noticeable difference from leaving out the water and just drinking juice, coffee and other beverages. It seems that choices other than water, contain enough water that we can stay hydrated. We also can be hydrated by certain foods we eat such as veggies, pasta, cheese and even beef.

So stay cool and stay hydrated. And if you want to jazz up the water in your house and have some summer fun with the kids, consider this infused water recipe.

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