As we continue to look back at our top stories of 2022, here is our third-performing story of 2022. Banned Baby Names in New York And the United States

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Did you know there are a few baby names banned in New York State? Do you agree with them?

Deciding on what to name your child can be extremely stressful! Will the name fit your child? Is it too boring? Is it too original? Will people be confused by it? Will people have trouble pronouncing it? Those are just some of the questions parents have when trying to figure out what to name their child.

For me, my parents debated a few names. I'm told they really liked the name Michael but decided against it because so many Michaels were being born. This proved to be true. In high school, my group of best friends included FIVE Michaels.

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My dad likes to joke, well I hope joke, that he pushed to name be Wilber. Wilber Welber could have been my name if my mom (THANK YOU) didn't veto Wilber.

My parents decided on Robert because they loved the name Bobby. I love the name Bobby, but it's not my real name.  All my life, I've been called Bobby, besides when I was in trouble. Then I'd get Robert Michael! Michael ended up as my middle name.

Banned Baby Names In New York State


These days parents in the United States can name their kids almost everything. Almost being the keyword. According to TODAY, WPDH and US Birth Certificates, there are a number of baby names banned in New York State and courts in the United States.

Banned Baby Names in New York And United States

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