This lady is out on the dating scene and had a financial crisis happen on her latest date and needs our advice.

I think this week we need a "We Gotcha Wednesday" email more than ever. Think of it as a little distraction during these crazy days. If you don't know, every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we fire up our email and pick one email from a fellow Wolf listener like you looking for some advice.

Some weeks it's a serious issue, other weeks not so much, like this week.....

"Hey CJ and Jess,

I'm super embarrassed about this. I went on a date recently with a guy I met on an app down in the City. It was great, we went out to dinner and he paid. It was going well so I offered to get a round of drinks at a bar nearby at a fancy hotel. We had 2 drinks each, he had whiskey and I had prosecco. I figured I would spend anywhere between $85-$100. It's the city, I'd expect that. But when I went to settle the bill it was about $600!!!!! Apparently he ordered a 25-year-old whiskey that was $250 a GLASS. I was so embarrassed, I paid the bill and didn't say anything to him. Should I say something? Would you guys have said something to him?"

OMG! What would you have done if this was you? Both Jess and I think we would have said something only because both of our credit cards would have been rejected for a $600 bill! LOL!! Call or text the show through the Wolf app with how you would have handled this type of situation and be listening all morning long for your comments.

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