I've seen it pop up a time or two now on my Facebook timeline, so I think it's safe to start talking about it. And by it, I mean Halloween season 2020.

As of right now, the Halloween season is kind of just hanging in the air. With many Hudson Valley schools going the remote learning route, a lot of kids (and let's be honest, parents) are wondering if Halloween will be canceled this year.

Trick-or-Treating, hayrides and haunted attractions are a big Hudson Valley draw come October. So will we be able to get scared at places like The Headless Horseman in Kingston and Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion in Wappingers?

We don't have the answers now, but we do have some ideas about how we can actually make Halloween happen.

Fox News is reporting that many haunted attractions are taking their talents to the drive-in. Apparently Orlando Weekly reported that in the Orlando area, they are hosting something called Haunted Road. The Haunted Road attraction "tells a theatrical story through various drive-thru scenes that feature scary creatures and various other spooky concepts."

Out in Southern California, there's an event called Urban Legends and according to their entertainment director Atilio Jamerson, their drive-in haunted attraction is a different type of scare. Jamerson told Fox, “Imagine your car pulling up into a dark alley, turning off your engine and being just completely powerless as you’re surrounded by creatures?”

I'm creeped out just thinking about it.

What do you think, should the Hudson Valley have drive-thru haunted attractions this year? Would you go? Let us know!

Beautiful Home or Haunted Headache? You decide.

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