While I was enjoying my week off last week, something really weird happened to me while I was in the parking lot of my apartment complex in Poughkeepsie, and after thinking about it for a few days, I'm wondering what you would have done if this happened to you.

Here's what happened...

I got up around 6:30 in the morning to take my dog Smalls for a walk and while I was walking him, I noticed that one of the cars in the parking lot was running. It was on and there wasn't anyone inside it. Not weird because this time of year, lots of people have the remote car starters and warm their cars up before they head out for the day. My dog finished his business and we headed back inside.

Later that morning, probably 2-3 hours later, I went back outside to walk him again and noticed that the same car was still running with nobody inside of it. As I was walking around, I was trying to figure out what I should do. I thought I might know the guy whose car it was, but I wasn't sure exactly what building he lived in. The car has now been running for at least 3 hours, do I try and figure out what building he lives in and start ringing doorbells in all of the buildings? I decided that I won't cause any craziness and wake up the whole neighborhood, so I just went back inside my house.

After I gave my son lunch around 1:30 p.m., he asked me if I wanted to go outside and throw the football a bit before we had to leave for an appointment at 2. As we got outside, THE TRUCK WAS STILL RUNNING!

The Two Options


I told my son we have to try and do something because a car running for this long can't be good. I asked him if we should start to go from building to building ringing doorbells to try and find the owner. My complex has like 100 buildings and I wasn't even close to knowing what building to even start at and my son wanted NO PART of it.

He said why don't you try and open the car door and just shut it off? NO way!!!! I would never touch someone else's car for any reason. All of these questions took like 20 minutes and before you know it, it was time for us to leave so we did. Yup, I did NOTHING!

I felt bad for not doing anything and of course when we got back later in the day, the guy that owned the truck was outside with a red gas can putting gas in the truck. I didn't say anything to him but I still feel like I'm the worst neighbor in the history of neighbors for not saying anything. Should I have done more? Would you? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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