Today is National Tell a Joke Day and we tried to celebrate.

Yes they have a day for everything but every once and a while, Jess and I like to get in on the fun and today was one of those days.

We gave away some Dutchess County fair tickets for the person that called in with the best joke, congrats to Jessica from Hyde Park who gave us this gem:

"What do you call a zoo with only one dog?".....a Shitzoo!!!! Bravo!

Now things were going along great this morning until my 11 year old daughter Julianna called the show to tell us all one of her favorite jokes. That's when things got real ugly for me, if you missed it, take a listen....

Great my son Jackson is peeing his pants and everyone is laughing, EXCEPT ME, I am still having heart palpitations!!! See, even at home I'm the butt of everyone's jokes.

We have more tickets to the Dutchess County fair all week long, be listening for your next chance to win tomorrow morning.

Bonus Video: Redneck Ingenuity

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