Winter Storm Grayson, also known as the Bomb Cyclone, has left its mark on the east coast and the Hudson Valley.

Not only was the snow a factor, but the highly dangerous winds were making transportation throughout the Valley difficult for most commuters. All schools and most businesses were closed today or saw a delayed opening.

As one could imagine, air travel wasn't any better today. Flights were delayed and detoured along the East Coast thanks to the winter weather. One specific flight was forced to touch down at Stewart Airport.

According to CNBC, the world's biggest passenger jet was forced to make a stop in Newburgh due to winter storm Grayson. The Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, touched down at Stewart around 1pm Thursday afternoon.

The plane, carrying 325 passengers, departed from Frankfurt, Germany in hopes of making it to JFK in New York City this afternoon. That is until the snow and wind became too much for air travel.

Passengers were seen exiting the plane around 5pm.

If you're looking for some measurements when it comes to the Airbus A380, it has a "262-foot wingspan" which is "more than double that of a Boeing 737."

The plane will be making its shortest flight ever when it returns to its original destination. It will take the Airbus A380 30 minutes to get from Stewart to JFK.

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