Nothing is more annoying than a person not cleaning up after their dog. Imagine at a dog park how out of control that could become which is why the Ulster County Dog Park is asking for your help. The Ulster County Dog Park is located on Libertyville Road in New Paltz and is a popular place for people to exercise their dogs.

For Paws of Ulster, Inc is a non-profit organization maintaining the Ulster County Dog Park in New Paltz. They have supplied the benches, waste stations and waste station bags. It is their volunteers who clean up, remove trash and restock the stations.They have also done various maintenance projects since the park opening in September of 2014. If everyone does their part it will make the job a whole lot easier.

Whether you use the park or not you can volunteer. also you can keep an eye out for donation cans at local retailers. That is another great way to ensure the park stays clean and open.
Below are listed some of the expense the park incurs which were obtained from their website.
Dog Park Costs and donation items:
  • Liability Insurance - $2,000 (annually)
  • Bench with a back: $800 each*
  • Bench without a back: $600 each*
  • Dog Waste Stations- $500 each*
  • Dog Waste Bags: there are opportunities to have your business or event information printed on bags! Contact us for details!
 * For your donation, you will get a sign/ plaque on the item!
Donations are constantly needed to purchase more waste station bags!

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