Local area Fire Departments and Emergency Services have started posting on the Facebook pages a note they hope residents will follow immediately.

Basically all Hudson Valley EMS, Fire Department and other emergency services are asking residents who call for an emergency to first notify 911 when they call if they are in quarantine, mandatory or self imposed. They are also asking residents to post a note on their front door so people arriving to the residence in an emergency are aware of the quarantine.

We found this copy on the Tillson Fire District Facebook page this afternoon. It was also posted by many other agencies in the Hudson Valley

To the Residents of the Tillson Fire District
Our department is asking you to please follow these precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak.
If you are quarantined (mandatory or self imposed) in your home due to possible or confirmed COVID-19 exposure, PLEASE notify 911 when you call and advise the dispatcher. We also ask that you place a sign/note on your front door to alert our firefighters to take infection-prevention precautions before entering your home or business.
We need to protect our crews so that they will be able to continue to meet the emergency needs of the community. Elsewhere, there have been entire fire companies quarantined after they have responded to quarantined homes and were not alerted before entering. Those first responders are now unavailable to help anyone for at least 14 days.
In our department we cannot afford to have this happen and being VOLUNTEER we do not want to have to take it home to our families.
Thank you for your understanding with this matter

This is also a good time to think about all the people in your neighborhood who might need assistance. If you have someone you know who needs extra care maybe contact them to make sure they have what they need. Things you could grab for them while you are out doing your running around. We are all great neighbors in the Hudson Valley and this is the perfect time to prove it.

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