Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Maybe something that could brighten up your week. Well if you received a gift card this holiday season I have the perfect weekend activity for you. It turns out that this Saturday is National Use Your Gift Card Day. According to the National Days Calendar the third Saturday in January has the distinction of being the day we are asked to shop with our gift cards.

I actually like receiving gift card as gifts. I also like to gift them as gifts. If you think about it, it is the perfect gift. You can get someone a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant and they can then spend it on what they want when they want. You can also just get a VISA or Mastercard gift card for someone that allows them to spend it anywhere, whenever they want.

The tricky part about getting a gift card is remembering you have it. I have forgotten about gift cards so often and some of them have even been in my wallet. So before you forget you have a gift card let me help you spend it this weekend.

If you have a gift card to a local business check in on their website or social media to see when they are open and head over on Saturday to get yourself something special. If you have a VISA gift card or some other type of gift card you can spend like cash here are some of my ideas on where to spend you money.

A local Florist - It is always great to have fresh flowers and you could even get yourself a house plant.

A local Cheese shop - If you are like me your only buy the good cheese for special occasions. Why not treat yourself to some delicious local cheese with your gift card.

A Hudson Valley Candy Shop - It is truly a treat to walk into a candy store and stock up on homemade sweets.

An Antiques Store - You are bound to find a great memory and a great deal.

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