I thought with all the winter weather we have had so far this month it would be fun to break it down to the basics, so here goes. What is a Snowflake? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is "a flake or crystal of snow." It is also a genus of an Old World Bulbous plant, which is not relevant to this blog so we are skipping over that definition.

Now that we know what snow is and how it is formed what are the benefits of snow? Believe it or now it is a necessary part of mother nature's plan. Farmer's can tell you how it protects the soil. My mother always said it was winter's air freshener. She might have been right the air always seems cleaner after a good snow fall. I think the most comprehensive list I found actually came from an article by Little Things. After going though the list I have to agree. I seemed to have achieved 8 out of 10 of these benefits without even trying.

Checkout this video describing how snowflakes form. I am not sure what is more fascinating, how they form or how scientist get the image. And a shout out to my mom about the cleaner air thing. Spoiler alert snow forms on a dust particle in the air.

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