Some of us head for the salt shaker as soon as we sit down to a meal. I however reach for the pepper. Ever since my Grandmother introduced me to pepper on pasta I have been hooked on the dried up berry that we know as black pepper. What I didn't know was that pepper is good for you when eaten in moderation. I had heard a rumor that pepper was not good for you health wise and it turns out that is not true as long as you add it to your diet appropriately. That is good news for me because there are quite a few food that I should eat but wouldn't without pepper. Turns out pepper can help with weight loss, it is good for some skin conditions and it also relieve a cold and cough.

Pepper can have adverse effects if not used in moderation or if it comes in contact with your eyes or respiratory system. If you have ever accidentally inhaled pepper I don't have to explain. It does more than make you sneeze.

Mixed color pepper
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If black pepper isn't a taste you enjoy consider the other types of peppercorns. There are red, white, green and pink but black seems to be the one I use the most. The different colored pepper corns have different tastes if black pepper isn't working for you

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