Am I romanticizing one of my favorite towns in the Hudson Valley? Probably. But it definitely deserves all the love.

I had some time last week to head out to Rhinebeck for a night out. I didn't think much of it, it was just dinner and drinks and I've been out in Rhinebeck a million times. We all have, right?

Anyway, I got into town just as the sun was setting and headed into Terrapin for a bite to eat. The bar area was decorated so perfectly, the lights were dim but the holiday candles and tinsel around the room were like a warm hug. It felt like I was sitting in front of the fire, minus the smoke and my clothes smelling like a bonfire. The delicious Apple Mule didn't hurt either.

As I left the restaurant and headed over to East Market Street, it started to snow and the holiday lights that lined the streets were starting to glow. I don't know if you've ever walked down Market Street in Rhinebeck during the holidays, but it feels like it was ripped out of your favorite made-for-tv holiday film. I literally thought I was the main character of a Christmas movie (minus the cute Christmas tree farmer who plays my love interest. I digress...for now).

I stood in front of A.L. Stickle Variety Store for a minute to take in their adorable window display. It was the perfect way to sum up small town Christmas. It was beautiful and I think I'm going to make it a yearly tradition to check out their display.

My night ended with a Paint and Sip at The Kroeg with Canvas HV (some of the proceeds went to Astor in Rhinebeck). The project was a small wooden sled and was decorated with snowy trees.

Maybe it was the lights or the festive painting, but something about Rhinebeck on a snowy December night ignited the childhood wonder of Christmas in my soul. I'm ready for the holiday season.

If you need a festive pick-me-up, check the forecast for snow and head out to Rhinebeck. I'm telling you, it works wonders.

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