Beaches, BBQ's...and BUGS. That's what makes up summer am I right? I really do love summer. I like being outside, I love the warmth, getting a tan, hanging out in the pool.. all of that. But bugs are ruining my relationship with summer. It's not even that I'm afraid of them. They're just there and they're extremely annoying.

This guy below decided to join me on my deck this weekend.  What in the world is this? Is it some sort of prehistoric creature coming back to ruin my day and try to take over the world? Disgusting.


Besides random prehistoric beetles showing up on my door step, I have to log a complaint about everyones favorite seasonal bug, the mosquito. These guys are ruthless. What did we as a humans do to these guys for them to be so unruly? I was sitting by a fire pit Saturday night, minding my own business and I swear I didn't feel or see any bugs around me. Those mosquitos were in stealth mode. I woke up Sunday morning with my leg looking like this:

Jess- "So itchy."

If you have any home remedies on how to diminish mosquito bite itch, your input is welcome (witch hazel and calamine lotion are NOT working). In conclusion, I still a big fan of summer. I'll just have to douse myself with bug spray before I go out and be a little more open minded about the creatures that like to show their faces in the Hudson Valley from June to September.