Is it Mom or Dad?

If you missed it this morning on the CJ in the Morning show we got talking about how this Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of the summer driving season and a new survey that came out that said something like 61% of kids think their mom is a better driver than their dad.

Jess said the opposite in her family as she said her dad was the better driver because after years of driving for Fed X he is just better.

I had to find out what my kids thought about this so we decided to give my son Jackson who is 6 years old and my daughter Julianna who is 11 a call to ask them who they thought was the better driver my wife Jamie (Mommy) or me.

Here is their answers....

My wife and my daughter always complain when we take a road trip that when I drive they always get car sick, my response next time you drive. LOL!

So who is better driver in your family, Mom or Dad?

If you have kids ask them and let us know what their answer is on Facebook.

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