Do you have any advice for this lady?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do our best to give you guys a chance to get therapeutic with with us. We call it "We Gotcha Wednesday" and its your weekly chance to help out a fellow Wolf listener with some advice.

The email we picked to talk about today came from a lady who is getting ready to end a relationship. She wrote to us.....

"So I am ready to end it with my boyfriend of just under two years. I have made up my mind and I’m ready to do it, the only thing I’m worried about is our dog Zach. We got him as a couple about a year ago and think that my soon to be ex is going to really fight me to keep him after we break up. So I made my mind up that I will let him keep Zach only if we can come up with a visit schedule. Like how parents do with kids after a divorce. If he doesn’t agree to that I don’t know what to do? Any suggestions? Would shared custody work for a dog? Do you think anyone has do something like this? Did it work out for them?"

Have any advice for her? Call or text us through the Wolf app and keep listening for your comments all morning long.

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