If you've been to college, chances are that you needed some type of student aid. If getting a student loan was the only way for you to go to college, as it was for me, then you already know the struggle in paying it back.

According to Citizens Bank, college graduates with student loans, who are 35 and younger, are now spending almost a fifth of their salaries, or 18 percent, on student loan payments and most expect to still be paying them off well into their 40's.

According to experts in the field, if school debt takes 10% of a person's income, that is considered excessive, let alone 18%. With graduation season almost upon us, WalletHub did a little research and compiled a list of towns across the country with most and the least amount of student debt.

The findings were based on the average student-loan balance against the median income in each city. Here's how towns in the Hudson Valley stacked up.

WalletHub/Beth Christy
WalletHub/Beth Christy

According to Citizens Bank, less than half of those with student loan debt have looked into refinancing options to reduce their monthly payment. That could help ease the burden.




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