Seventeen years ago Tuesday I woke up with no cable because of a storm outage the night before.

Seventeen years ago Tuesday I decided to head into work early because there was nothing to do at home without cable. Usually I watched the morning news.

Seventeen years ago Tuesday I pulled out of a driveway in Poughkeepsie in a green chevy truck and headed to work at the radio station.

Seventeen years ago Tuesday the sky was clear and blue and the air was crisp with fall.

Seventeen years ago Tuesday I listened to a syndicated radio show out of Indianapolis Indiana announce that a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center Towers.

Seventeen Years ago Tuesday I stood in a radio newsroom and could not believe what I was seeing on Television.

Seventeen years ago Tuesday I was proud to be an American

This Tuesday I will wake up and most likely skip the TV news. I'd rather spend some time being grateful for another day.

This Tuesday I will play with my dog and take time to have an extra cup of coffee with my family.

This Tuesday I will get in a Honda Element in New Paltz and make sure the windows are rolled down and turn up my America: A Tribute to Heroes CD.

This Tuesday there is a good chance it will rain.

This Tuesday I will go to a radio studio and be thankful that it is going to be just an ordinary day which means we will have time to reflect on the one seventeen years ago that wasn't.

This Tuesday I will still be proud to be an American

Since that tragic Tuesday 17 years ago a lot has change for many of us. I live in a different house. I drive a different car. I work for a different radio station. I have a different dog. I even have a different husband. Life has moved on but the memory of that day has not. The words "We Will Not Forget" are never more true than when you think about September 11th. I am sure for others who witness similar events in history the same can be said, how can you forget.

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