Every year on September 11th I stop down to recall how that day unfolded. I feel like I owe it to everyone who didn't get to come home that day. It amazes me sometimes how vivid the memories of that day can be even after 20 years and all I did was watch helplessly like a lot of us had too. I don't remember a lot of things but the things I do remember are so clear and so trivial.

I can't exactly remember what I had for breakfast but I am sure it was coffee. That was my breakfast choice back then. I may have even skipped coffee because my cable was out. That's right I can remember my cable was out, that just seems so random except for the fact that it was the reason I was in my truck heading to work when the attacks began.

I worked in radio back then too and because of a storm the night before my cable was out so I hadn't seen any of the morning news. Not be able to watch morning TV, I decided to just get dress early and head to the radio station. It was actually a really gorgeous day out. Yes, I can vividly remember the weather, again probably because of the bad storm the night before.

The next thing that is a clear memory is listening to the Bob and Tom Show on my way to work. It's a long story why I was listening to them but the short of it was they were a syndicated radio show out of Indiana and my cousin was friends with them so I would try to listen every once in a while. Bob and Tom were actually the reason I heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center.

After hearing the news I drove faster to work only to get there and discover the horrible truth that we were all witnessing that morning. It was so had to watch on TV I can't imagine how difficult it must of been to witness it in person. Once the events of that morning set in the rest of the day really becomes a blur.  Nothing I did for the rest of that day seemed at all relevant.

So many people lost, so much tragedy, To this day I still look at photos and clips from those moments and get horrified, then think how did that all happen. Like others as the day went on I learn about people I knew who lost loved ones. All the stories so unimaginable. The one thing that has stuck with me from that day is that there are still so many stories we haven't heard.

This year as we mark 20 years since so many brave people gave their lives in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, if I could make one wish it would be to turn back time and not let any of it happen. But we can't do that, so instead I am going to wish that none of us ever forget. And that eventually we hear every story about every hero from that day and from the days and years that followed.

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