If you listen closely, you'll notice that a specific sound is missing from the Hudson Valley.

Those cicadas that were supposed to be invading? Looks like they've been delayed, but not for long.

Back in early 2021, it was reported that the "biggest cicada invasion since 2004" was expected to hit the Hudson Valley. A Cicada is those noisy bugs that make the most annoying continuous buzzing sound and come around every 17 years or so.

Last year, Brood IX emerged in the spring of 2020 in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia and skipped over the Hudson Valley.

Why are the cicadas taking so long to make their grand entrance? The weather has something to do with it. Weather Channel Meteorologist Danielle Banks reports that the cold snap that we just experienced on the east coast and the midwest has caused the pause in the cicada arrival.

However, it's not stopping the cicada's arrival. Banks says to expect the invasion "soon."

The cicadas that will inevitably invade the Hudson Valley this spring and summer are known as Periodical Cicadas. They will burrow out of the ground every 17 years when the ground temperature is warm enough.

You may be asking yourself "Why so many cicadas?!" It's a defense against predators according to Banks. You can learn more about the cicada invasion on the Weather Channel website.

While we did just get through a bit of a cold front in the Hudson Valley, it's looking like the weather is warming up. The Hudson Valley is looking at temperatures in the 90s by the end of this week.

Sounds like the cicadas will be making their Hudson Valley appearance sooner rather than later.

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