I'm starting to get concerned.

If you listen to the show, you know I'm a Sam Hunt fan. Yes I know what your response is going to be "But Jess, he's not even country." I understand he's not traditionally country, but he's a pretty great song writer and if I'm being completely honest...I'm mostly just attracted to how good he looks.

Sue me.
(Just kidding, don't do that.)

I've noticed that Sam hasn't really posted much on social media, but I figured it's because he's not a big Instagram/Twitter/Facebook guy. But then I realized no one has really seen or heard from him in sometime.

Whiskey Riff has confirmed my suspicions as they too are confused as to where Sam Hunt might be. According to their calculations Sam Hunt hasn't been heard from in almost 7 months.


They last reported about Sam Hunt on January 2nd. Whiskey Riff explained that Sam was last seen on social media on Instagram, posting after his Fenway Park show on July 11th, 2018. There was also a demo leaked of Sam covering Craig Morgans "We'll Come Back Around" back in August.

The only comforting thought, is that Sam is scheduled to perform at Stage Coach this year in California in April.

I think I'm going to start a "Missing Sam Hunt" podcast like those guys did about Richard Simmons.

Anyway, Sam if you're reading this...I miss your face.



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